Do you Need Animations, Storyboards, or Illustrations?

Look No Further! You can hire me for all your Animation and illustration needs.

Contact me either by phone or email for information on rates.


Hire me to create the visual Script for your animated production. Whether it is for TV shows, Movies, commercials, or Explainer videos; I'm your guy to get it done and make it look beautiful.


Creation animations from TV, Movies, Commercials, and more using a variety of software and traditional mediums. Adobe, Animate (Flash), Adobe After Effects, and Toon Boom Harmony.


Not only can I animate and craft storyboards for animated productions, but i can also create designs for the use in animation such as full character turnarounds and expression sheets.


Hire me if you are looking for illustrations for Books, Board Games, RPGS, or for fun things like a D&D Character portrait.


I also run various Role Playing Games and can be hired to run games for parties or group events. Games such as Dungeons and Dragons, Shadowrun, Beyond the Supernatural, and many more.

$120 for 4-6 hours of gaming for up to 8 people. Either online or in the PDX area.

Requires a 2 week notice in order to plan the game and pre-generate characters for one shots.