Who is Skull Dixon?

Josh "Skull" Dixon

Storyboard Artist, Animator, and Illustrator with an interest in RPG Game Design and Art.

I have been working professionally in animation for 8 years in a range of positions. I specialize in storyboarding for animation, I have also been a Prop Designer, Layout Artist, Character Designer, Animator, and Director. I have crafted animation within a team and as a solo artist for clients ranging in fields from Commercial, Television, Movies, and Video Games.

I have worked on many great and awesome projects such as Community – Season 5, The Harmonquest Pilot, 22 Jump Street End Credits, Jeff and Some Aliens – Season 1, Dallas and Robo – Season 1, C&H: Puratony – Season 1,The “Day of the Tentacle” Remastered Video Game, and commercials for bands such as Honda, Poptarts, Koodo, Boston Pizza, Ensure, and others. As well as many smaller projects for various companies to use as promotional advertising for online and at Conventions.